AJ Dawg’s Anniversary

AJ Dawg is enjoying the brisk morning as we overlook 4th Avenue. I made it a point to get her out here early as she loves it when it is cooler. Yesterday was the eighth anniversary of AJ finding me.  
We are getting ready to go to Speedway for a birthday can of Vienna Saussages.  

Don’t know what’s going on in Charleston but seems like there are shootings in the news every morning now. I wake up and see a shooting overnight and I’m scared it is Huntington and then am relieved it is Charleston.  

NFL is creeping ever closer. They open preseason tonight against the Cardinals at 730. Preseason makes me nervous. Sadly, only bad news (injuries) come out of preseason games.  

Last year Bengal games were rollercoaster rides. I feel like I am on one now as I just got off of phone with St. Mary’s. Betty is awake!  While it’s great news, it presents problems as she tries to rip out tubes and they don’t want to sedate her again. But now she is responding and moving body parts and has responded to commands so that quells some of the fears of being locked in or paralyzed. Still, we are approaching very rapid challenges with the ventilator and breathing. Still, a long battle ahead. And Bre has such great news to share with her! (When the time is right) 

We’ll time to go get AJ’s celebration sausage. Happy Friday and Chomp on! 
P. S. Sorry no time to edit. Busy morning

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