A Steamy Weekend is Over

Another comfortable evening as I sit overlooking 4th Avenue in Huntington. What a brutally hot day. I walked down to Pullman in a rematch. I had water this time. I’m upset I never have received the coolie The Ramp News was supposed to send, it would have come in handy. The nag aim, it could have been swiped from my mailbox.  

A terrible situation active in Princeton, WV.  A shooter is still at large.  It has been reported five people have been shot. One is being flown out.  

The chase involving the Milton Police upset me today. The woman could have killed innocent people. What upset me is I saw a video she filmed driving and screaming. She was having a breakdown of some sort. She put her child and pig in danger. She certainly needs mental health evaluation.  

Check out my story on Jack Williamson. Jack was drug almost a half mile by a train almost two years ago after overdosing on train tracks. The system has forgotten him and he is barely getting by.  He has chin up and although he is bed fast, he is worried about others. He wants those addicted to get help.  

While at Pullman Square I talked to Dennis Gibson love on my page. He is inveiling his company Veterans Helping Heroes at Black Sheep Harley on Saturday from noon to 5. Three bands will be rocking out and Truckin’ Cheesy will be there. Dennis is a great guy. He refurbishes wheelchairs and scooters and gives them to those in need.  

A Verizon outage has been reported throughout the Tri-State region Sunday afternoon.  According to customer service, an outage began in Ohio and spreads to the West Virginia and Kentucky border. 

A little cooler tomorrow. High in low 80s. The challenge is staying dry.

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