Coronavirus Diaries 3/23/20 A Thank You to Those Working


Night two at The Cabell Huntington Hilton. Watching tv, drinking a diet pop, and eating a ham and cheese sammich. They even have toilet paper. Got everything but AJ Dawg...I miss her. Everyone here at CHH is great…


Coronavirus Diaries 3/22/20 Employees are Afraid

Employees are supermarkets, public service, and healthcare are superheroes at this point, but there is also fear building.  They want to do their job and support their families but they do not want to risk bringing the virus home to…

Coronavirus Diaries 3/20/20 Boredom Creeps In

As I walk down the ghostly streets of Downtown, I realize the newness of the situation is gone.  No longer am I amazed at the closings.  There is no excitement of a historical situation.  It is just boring.


Coronavirus Diaries 3/18/20 Frustration with Testing in WV

West Virginia finally had their first confirmation of coronavirus yesterday but many people feel the state is dropping the ball.  There is the feeling that there are not enough tests being conducted and there is a lot of people walking…

Coronavirus diaries 3/17/20 Our Lives Are Changing

The bars and restaurants of West Virginia will be offically closed at midnight tonight.  Restaurants can deliver or serve through drive through.  I walked through Downtown Huntington tonight and many were closed.

Our lives are changing.  Many are losing…


Coronavirus Diaries 3/16/20 Shutting Down Bars and Restaurants

It looks like West Virginia will be shutting down bars and restaurants some time this week.  Several states already have shut places  down.  It tears me up thinking how people are going to get hurt by these shutdowns.  I found…


Coronavirus Diaries 3/16/20 Fears

As I get ready for another Monday morning, I wonder what this day let alone week...has in store.  Changes coming daily.  I am happy I work in the health field where I know my job will not be closed....but there…

Coronavirus Diaries 3/15/20 Updates on World Happenings

Lots of coronavirus activity going on in the world this Sunday.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Sunday that people throughout the United States should avoid events of 50 people or more for the next eight weeks.