Coronavirus Diaries 3/24/20 The Struggle

People are struggling emotionally, physically, and financially.  A co-worker's family has been put through an emotional wringer.  Her father was dying.  Only two at a time could visit him.  She was not there on his deathbed.  She unselfishly let two others be in her place.  Now, at funeral time, only ten at a time can be there.  This is a close family and he has more than ten grandchildren alone.  They understand.  The virus has been spreading at funerals.  It does not make it any easier.  

It is a sad situation.  One that many are having to face.  Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy and the virus certainly is helping the situations any.  Loved ones cannot stay with their family while they are in the hospital and then are limited in saying goodbye.  

As the government rushes to get money to people who need it the most, people will soon be missing their first paycheck after the shutdowns. Communities are stepping up to help, but it is hard to replace a paycheck.  Hopefully, the stimulus package will get here as quick as possible to help those in need pay bills.  Donations to charities will be limited because of people's financial struggles, so as this drags on, it will hurt the impact charities can have on the struggle.  The negative effect that stress and worrying about survival just adds to the struggle.

Small business owners will also face the struggle.  The longer their businesses stay closed, the harder it will be to open them back up again.  They have mounting bills like the rest of us and not bringing in revenue makes it hard to meet the overhead.

We are all facing the struggle.  To a certain extent, we are in it together but we each have our struggles -emotional, financial, and physical- that we all have to face alone.  The struggle is for real.  The purpose of these diaries is to be able to look back and see the impact the virus had on us.  The struggle cannot be denied.  It is a financial struggle that can close business and cost people not only their dreams but also their homes.  It is an emotional struggle that breaks our hearts and keeps us awake at night.  The fear and worry lead to stress that will have a negative physical effect on many.  The stress may kill as many as the virus.  The struggle is real.  The struggle is not ending anytime soon.

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