Coronavirus Diaries 3/23/20 A Thank You to Those Working


Night two at The Cabell Huntington Hilton. Watching tv, drinking a diet pop, and eating a ham and cheese sammich. They even have toilet paper. Got everything but AJ Dawg...I miss her. Everyone here at CHH is great. I have enjoyed their heaping helping of hospitality These health care workers are part of the glue holding us together. Yes, they do get to make money but they risk so much....the fear of taking something home to their families.

We have a lot of heroes out there and I'd like to raise my Shasta Diet Cola in a toast. To the health care workers who are there for our needs as we breathe germs in their face. To the grocery stocker sweating and throwing toilet paper up on a shelf. Slamming up 400 cases of stock to come back in and do itagain. This Sasta's for you. To the cashier smiling while they wonder if the customer bitching because they are out of everything is giving them a deadly disease to spread. To the c-store worker stocking the beer and working shorthanded...this toast is for you. The vendors keeping Little Debbie cakes, pop, beer, chips, and others full. Thank you.

We have a lot of heroes keeping us going - bus drivers, police, firemen, EMS, restaurant...I thank them all and many others. But the health care, stockers, cashiers, and c store workers are special to me because I have done those jobs...never in this situation of course. They are usually thankless jobs...but they are keeping us going. Thank you everyone...

I hope to be out there helping in a few days. The good news is I get to keep my foot a while longer...I wasn't sure for a while. It wasn't Star my foot wet and walked to got blistered and infected. Thanks everyone.

I say a quick prayer. " Thanks Father, for everyone coming together. For people helping people. Please bless us and help us get through this together. Please let us return to our lives soon. Amen.

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