Coronavirus Diaries 3/22/20 Employees are Afraid

Employees are supermarkets, public service, and healthcare are superheroes at this point, but there is also fear building.  They want to do their job and support their families but they do not want to risk bringing the virus home to their families.  Here are some letters I received.


"Please note I would like to remain anonymous for fear of losing my job that helps support my family especially during this time of crisis. Please show this to Alligator Jackson about the risks of public transportation that will spread the coronavirus. As a city bus driver, I am scared of being at high risk of exposure as well as the passengers that get on the bus.

The city buses do not have an air filtration system to filter out germs and viruses, especially with the covid-19 virus. The passengers and I are in a social group gathering where we are all confined. They cough and sneeze on the bus in an enclosed area and we are not 6 feet apart, but shoulder to shoulder when commuting on the city bus.

The news articles are reporting that the virus can be in the air for 3 hours and those air infected water droplets are circulating on the bus exposing everyone on the bus and any new passengers that board the bus. These same passengers will go to work at restaurants, Walmart, nursing homes, grocery stores, hospitals, and commute along with seniors, the homeless, and the people that where drug addicts going through recovery take the bus to get their daily treatments at clinics. This put everyone on the bus at high risk of exposure to the virus with no protection to wear with public transportation.

These same people will work at places such as McDonald's, Burger King, Little Caesars, Subway, etc to cook and prepare food and serve it through the drive-through windows to customers. I am scared if something is not done, we could see the deaths in the US be worse than Italy. We must not turn a blind eye to this. Please understand if the situation is not address soon the death tolls could reach in the thousands and hunded-thousands in each state.

The state of West Virginia needs to act fast and set an example to stop the virus from spreading and provide proper ppe for the health care and public transportation. As of right now we are told by dispatch we are not allowed to wear masks 😷 because it’s not part of our uniform in the contract. We just had a bus driver last week complaining about needing to wear a mask for protection. He was wearing it for one day and was told later he is not allowed to wear a mask because it’s not part of the uniform in the contract. This was told by upper management.



"I'd like to remain anonymous, but I do work for Walmart. This is an official update from Walmart. I'd like to let the public know that a Walmart Associates was tested positive & obviously came into contact with many people. It also states on here that if they have to shut down, they will pay their employees for 2 weeks. My question is since they know that an associate has had it, why take the chance to spread it to others like the elderly. Yes we can call off, but a lot of have families to take care of & we won't get paid. I just thought I'd try to get the message out there."


"I work at ======== , we are told we will not close unless there is martial law . We have 3 shifts and on every shift there is close to 100 people and one guy had to leave work last week because he was very ill . He kept in touch with our work and told them they checked him for everything besides the covid-19 and everything has came back negative. He was sent home and than later called back to the hospital for farther testing because he failed to tell them he was in Miami Florida this month and then brought back his family with him. His family came to Florida from Italy because they were scared of everything that was going on there so he met them in Florida and brought them back to Huntington to stay with him . Our work discussed this with on Friday and told us that we where still coming to work and starting Sunday night when 3rd shift comes in they will have a tent outside of our work where there will be someone checking our temperatures every time we enter the building and if anyone is sick or has a fever they will be sent home and the rest of us will continue to work ..

I'm not trying to get out of work but this is bullcrap, most of us have kids and families at home that we would love to keep safe.."

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