WV Legislature Bans Fast Food Drive-Thru Windows

CHARLESTON - West Virginia lawmakers ended their 60 day legislation session over the weekend by passing a ban on fast food drive thru windows.  An unamious Senate vote and an 80-8 vote in The House of Delegates approved that all fast food resturaunts have until December 31, 2012 to disable their drive thru windows.

The ban is a part of legislation proposed by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin to help fight the obesity and general unhealthiness of West Virginia citizens.  West Virginia was recently selected The Unhealthiest State in America and the Huntington area was cited as having the highest misery index.  Tomblin said "If the West Virginia citizens want to be fat then there at least going to have to get out of their cars to do it.  We are not going to make it any easier for them to be any fatter than they already are.  Walking to get their meals is often the only exercise some citizens get all day."

The bill passed right after the ban on cell phones and texting passed.  Apparently, the West Virginia legislature is seeking total control of it's residents lives.  Sen.  Buford Watson said ,"Because of the lack of education in West Virginia, we can not trust the people of west Virginia to always make the right decsions.  We are tired of a few lazy and uneducated indviduals making our state look like a bunch of hillbillies.  as a Democrat, it is my duty to seize control of West Virginians lives and make their choices for them.  You can drive by any West Virginia fast food resturaunt and see a bunch of old broken down cars in line.  If theese people walk into the resturaunts and order, it may be the only exercise they get all day.  So I feel that by forcing theese people to walk to get their Big Macs, may just be saving their lives."

Sen. Mike Lucas agreed, "They complain there are not any jobs and that they can not afford gas, but then they sit in drive thru windows all day.  Well, if they get out of their cars and walk in they would not need as much gas."

But Wayne resident Goober McComas disagreed, "It just ain't right.  It's bad enough that I can't buy Big Macs on food stamps, but now they are telling me I have to walk inside the resturaunt and get my food.  I am an American.  It is my right to have my food brought to me.  If I wanted to work for my food I'd get a job."

The West Virginia legislation session ended with the lawmakers feeling secure that they have protected the citizens of West Virginia from themselves.  Sen. Lucas summed it all up, "What's the point of having this big oversized government if we do not accomplish something.  All we ask is that West Virginians pay their taxes and we will take care of everything else."

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