Johnny Depp To Star In Jesco White Movie


Johnny Depp will be portraying West Virginia mountain man Jesco White in the new Daymar Productions Movie “White Trash: The Jesco White Story. Kirstie Alley will be playing Jesco’s wife, Norma Jean White. Demi Moore has been cast as his sister, Mamie.

Jesco gained national fame when he appeared in the 1991 documentry “The Dancing Outlaw”. The documentary will be recognized with an honorary award at the 2012 Emmy’s. The Dancing Outlaw is being credited with being the first reality show.

The movie will show Jesco’s life as a young boy and examine his dad’s murder. It will show how fame effected Jesco’s life. The movie will end just after Jesco’s cocaine arrest in 2009.

To prepare for their roles, the stars lived for a month in a Boone County, WV trailer park. It was these experiences that many believe are to blame for Demi Moore’s recent breakdown. Jesco says that he taught Johnny Depp how to ‘huff’ paint. Johnny Depp’s agent said this story is ‘very untrue’.
The movie is slated to open in the November 2012. Instead of the traditional red carpet Hollywood premiere the movie instead will open on a party at a Boone County trailer park. The stars will attended and the premiere will be shown on an outdoor screen and feature kegs of Milawaukee’s Best and a pig roast. A bluegrass band will also appear.

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