Brady Robinson AKA The Pig, David Williams AKA Alligator Jackson, and Jeff Westlake

Brady Robinson AKA The Pig, David Williams AKA Alligator Jackson, and Jeff Westlake

Pig and Gator interview Mike Levine of Triumph


David Williams AKA Alligator Jackson wrote skits and performed on three internet radio shows; "Westlake and The Pig", "The Fabulous Dancing Pig Show", and "The Crocweiser Happy Hour With Bear and Gator".

David's great friend Brady Robinson, The Pig, passed away from a sudden heart attack in 2017.  They were great friends and had a company GatorPig Entertainment and were making Pig's greatest work -FingerBang: The Rock Opera."  The Pig was lead singer of the band Sheered Lepus. Jeff Westlake of Westlake and The Pig is a musician known as the leader of Hydrogyn and member of many other projects including The Godz.  The shows were carried on many internet stations but anchored on JFL Radio.

The shows interviewed Lita Ford, Bruce Kulick of Kiss, Joe Lynn Turner of Rainbow, Mike Levine of Triumph, and members of Foghat, Ratt, Nashville Pussy, and many other bands.














Alligator Jackson was ace reporter for the now defunct The Diggerer owned ny Todd Carpenter.  Stories about Johnny Depp appearing in a movie about Jesco White and West Virginia outlawing drive-thru windows went viral and those stories had over 250,000 reads.


Here are some stories written by Alligator Jackson






Huntington- Mayor Steve Williams continued his 'Beautify Huntington' campaign by removing 'another blight from the city.'  Williams who promised to clean up Huntington has passed several ordinances with the intention to make Huntington sparkle. 
On Monday, Steve Williams expanded his clean-up campaign by announcing that all outside banners, flags, and other signs displaying West Virginia University or their colors blue and gold must be taken down. The law goes into effect on August 31, 2013 which is also the season opener for Marshall University's Thundering Herd.   The penalty for each outside WVU sign is $500.   
Recently Williams banned couches and inside furniture from being placed on porches, outlawed high weeds and high grass, and has enforced a policy that tickets property owners for having excess trash. 
Mayor Steve Williams said, "Huntington residents have always felt like Marshall University has been slighted by the state in favour of WVU. Marshall built this city and is what keeps it going. It is a blight on our city and an insult for someone to hang WVU signs or the blue and gold flags within city limits. It's a reminder of the discrimination MU faces from our own state. If someone wants to hang WVU signs on their property, let them move to Morgantown and do it. A main reason why I banned couches from porches in the city was because I was afraid drunken WVU fans would set them on fire after a WVU victory." 
Huntington resident Dan Nehlen disagrees with the new ordinance, "The ordnance is an infringement on the first amendment. We, as Americans, have the right to root for the team of our choice and to show our support. Mayor Steve can ticket me all he wants but I'm flying my WVU banner high and proud." 

Marshall fan Brad Pennington said, "The ugly blue and gold clashes with green and white and makes our city ugly. I'd rather have tall grass in my yard than a WVU banner. Mayor Steve is doing the right thing with the Beautify Huntington campaign. I don't care how much heroin is sold in Huntington or how many houses are broken into as long as I don't have to look at those disgusting WVU banners." 

The Huntington City Council is in favour of the ordinance and is meeting next week to discuss the possibility of spreading the ban to include car flags and bumper stickers. 

Bigfoot Captured In Beckley 


When news broke that the mysterious and elusive Bigfoot had been captured in Beckley, WV, many West Virginians were not surprised. Rumors and legends have circulated for decades that Bigfoot was alive and well in the mountains of West Virginia. But what surprised many was where and how Bigfoot was captured. The beast was not found roaming in the woods of Mercer County, but instead was found passed out in the beer cave of King Qwik convenience store in Beckley.

Margaret Woods, 58, was in for a major surprise when she opened the doors of the store she manages yesterday morning. “I literally peed my pants. At first I thought it was a homeless person, but that smell was worse than even a homeless person. And I thought to myself: now Margaret, that person is awful hairy even if he was homeless and could not afford a haircut, surely someone would give him the money to get a haircut before his hair got that long; unless of course, they were afraid that he would spend all the money on beer. And you know that could well be possible, because that feller did drink about four cases of Budweiser. Most homeless people prefer the cheap stuff like Milawaukee’s Best, so when I saw that it was Budweiser that was drank…well, I figured right there that if it was a homeless person than it was an awful high class homeless person to pick Budweiser. But then again, since he knew he didn’t have to pay for it, then maybe a homeless person would pick Budweiser.”

When she determined the intruder was Bigfoot, Woods then called a lawyer, an agent, The National Enquierer, and then 911. Bigfoot was removed from the store without incident after the animal control fed him 6 boxes of Pop Tarts that contained tranquilizers. Randy Wilson of The Mercer County Animal Control said, “I think Bigfoot had him a lil’ smoke to go with his beer because he sure had the munchies. I betcha he had been living up in the mountains for years. There’s some good pot patches up in those hills. No wonder it took him so long to come down here.”

Scientists from all over the world are flying in to examine the beast. But Margaret Woods contends, “Finders keepers. I found him, he’s mine. He’s not going to any zoo or museum, not for now anyway. Right now, he is going on Ebay. I need me some Canasta money.”

WV Legislature Bans Fast Food Drive-Thru Windows  

CHARLESTON - West Virginia lawmakers ended their 60 day legislation session over the weekend by passing a ban on fast food drive thru windows.  An unamious Senate vote and an 80-8 vote in The House of Delegates approved that all fast food resturaunts have until December 31, 2012 to disable their drive thru windows.

The ban is a part of legislation proposed by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin to help fight the obesity and general unhealthiness of West Virginia citizens.  West Virginia was recently selected The Unhealthiest State in America and the Huntington area was cited as having the highest misery index.  Tomblin said "If the West Virginia citizens want to be fat then there at least going to have to get out of their cars to do it.  We are not going to make it any easier for them to be any fatter than they already are.  Walking to get their meals is often the only exercise some citizens get all day."

The bill passed right after the ban on cell phones and texting passed.  Apparently, the West Virginia legislature is seeking total control of it's residents lives.  Sen.  Buford Watson said ,"Because of the lack of education in West Virginia, we can not trust the people of west Virginia to always make the right decsions.  We are tired of a few lazy and uneducated indviduals making our state look like a bunch of hillbillies.  as a Democrat, it is my duty to seize control of West Virginians lives and make their choices for them.  You can drive by any West Virginia fast food resturaunt and see a bunch of old broken down cars in line.  If theese people walk into the resturaunts and order, it may be the only exercise they get all day.  So I feel that by forcing theese people to walk to get their Big Macs, may just be saving their lives."

Sen. Mike Lucas agreed, "They complain there are not any jobs and that they can not afford gas, but then they sit in drive thru windows all day.  Well, if they get out of their cars and walk in they would not need as much gas."

But Wayne resident Goober McComas disagreed, "It just ain't right.  It's bad enough that I can't buy Big Macs on food stamps, but now they are telling me I have to walk inside the resturaunt and get my food.  I am an American.  It is my right to have my food brought to me.  If I wanted to work for my food I'd get a job."

The West Virginia legislation session ended with the lawmakers feeling secure that they have protected the citizens of West Virginia from themselves.  Sen. Lucas summed it all up, "What's the point of having this big oversized government if we do not accomplish something.  All we ask is that West Virginians pay their taxes and we will take care of everything else."

Johnny Depp To Star In Jesco White Movie 


Johnny Depp will be portraying West Virginia mountain man Jesco White in the new Daymar Productions Movie “White Trash: The Jesco White Story. Kirstie Alley will be playing Jesco’s wife, Norma Jean White. Demi Moore has been cast as his sister, Mamie.

Jesco gained national fame when he appeared in the 1991 documentry “The Dancing Outlaw”. The documentary will be recognized with an honorary award at the 2012 Emmy’s. The Dancing Outlaw is being credited with being the first reality show.

The movie will show Jesco’s life as a young boy and examine his dad’s murder. It will show how fame effected Jesco’s life. The movie will end just after Jesco’s cocaine arrest in 2009.

To prepare for their roles, the stars lived for a month in a Boone County, WV trailer park. It was these experiences that many believe are to blame for Demi Moore’s recent breakdown. Jesco says that he taught Johnny Depp how to ‘huff’ paint. Johnny Depp’s agent said this story is ‘very untrue’.
The movie is slated to open in the November 2012. Instead of the traditional red carpet Hollywood premiere the movie instead will open on a party at a Boone County trailer park. The stars will attended and the premiere will be shown on an outdoor screen and feature kegs of Milawaukee’s Best and a pig roast. A bluegrass band will also appear.