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Only 'The Backpackers' stand between Mayor Steve and a third term 




   Mayor Steve has been on a tear lately.  Ripping down the field like a Chad Pennington led Marshall offense.  One by one, the bandos (abandoned houses) are falling.  The squatter and drug infested Flats on fourth is just mounds of rubble and dirt.  Marshall University will have a baseball stadium on Fifth avenue replacing the old BASF abandoned factories.  Hal Greer is being transformed into a beautiful entrance way into the city of Huntington.  The Huntington Municipal Development Authority purchased ACF Industries setting up H-BIZ (Huntington Brownfields Innovation Zone).  The legendary TV show "60 Minutes" has just aired a segment on how The Huntington Police Department is innovatively combating the drug epidemic. The future is so bright for Mayor Steve that he has to wear shades to keep the goal line in focus.  It is smooth sailing to the end zone.

     The goal line being the ever-elusive third term for a Huntington mayor.  No man or woman has ever reached that hallowed territory.  The path is wide open with recent accomplishments.  Since the last election, the blitz had Mayor Steve scrambling in the backfield to try to avoid being sacked.  Drugs, police and fire department layoffs, murders, and businesses closing had Mayor Steve ready to punt.  Oh, how times have changed.

     Now, it seems Steve is on the way down field for another victory.  But, what is that lurking somewhere between Mayor Steve and the goal.  Ah, it's a small but vicious and deceptively quick set of defensive backs called 'The Backpackers.'  Mayor Steve does not see them as a threat and is ready to try to run past them.    But, the Backpackers are there ready to keep Mayor Steve from being the first three-term mayor in Huntington.  The Backpackers have been ripping and tearing and now they are focusing in on the mayor running gallantly to his third term.

     Enough with the football analogy.  No one wants to publicly bitch about the homeless.  The homeless are usually a by product and end result of an economy gone bad.  But, this time we are not talking about a group that has fallen on hard times.  We are not talking about a family that was laid off and through no fault of their own lost their home.  No one wants to complain about them because that could be any of us.  Most of us are a paycheck or two from losing everything.  There are agencies, churches, and good people out there trying to help them.

     The 'backpackers' is a term given locally to a group of people who have come to Huntington by choice.  They are not here chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that has suddenly formed over Huntington.  They are not here to work on the construction of new buildings on Hal Greer or to be first in line for jobs that H-BIZ will create.  They are here to be the recipients of the compassion of the caring people of Huntington.  They are here to collect free needles.  They are here to eat the free food that the compassionate people of Huntington are fixing and giving away at the food banks, churches, Huntington City mission, and other charitable well-meaning people are giving.  They wonder the city all night long with backpacks on carrying all of their possessions and perhaps a few drugs in.  They roam for days powered by ice or meth.  They steal from cars, convenience stores, and porches.  No one is safe except maybe the guy who wrote the Huntington viral Facebook post last week that he has lived in Huntington twenty years and has never been robbed, never heard a gun shot, never had an addict beg for money, yada , yada, and more yadda).

     There are some glaring bright spots in Huntington's future, BUT who is going to come to Huntington to shop if their cars are broken into while they are shopping.  Which businesses are going to locate in Huntington if the crime rate grows, property rates decrease, and the work force cannot provide enough applicants that can pass a drug test. It does not matter how many high priced hotels and exclusive restaurants  we have if the streets are full of backpackers and people sleeping on sidewalks and benches.

     Yes, Recovery is alive in Huntington.  We have excellent citizens doing God's work literally pulling souls from the devil's hands, but we have to stop the influx of drug users coming in to the city.  How do we stop that?  Maybe we ccrack down on the real reason they are coming here.  The easy availability of drugs.  Increased raids?  Harsher terms for drug dealers?  An automatic public intoxication stay of 24 hours in a treatment center for anyone who overdoses in public?  

     Mayor Steve may even want to think about cutting loose of his prized sidekick, the free needle exchange.  I have been a supporter of the exchange for a while.  I think there are less needles on our streets and less cases of HIV even though we still have some of both.  I think it was the right thing to do at the right time, but now the needs have changed.  Now, we need to cut down the culture of 'free' in Huntington.  The drug users can come and live for free but people from other cities and states that spend money here have to pay to work here (user fee).  Sounds fair, huh?


     Mayor Steve is sprinting toward the goal.  Only the backpackers can stop him now.  Mayor Steve may be underestimating the backpackers.  He does not seem to understand that people are tired of having their property stolen, they are tired of their children seeing overdoses on the street.  Mayor Steve has new jobs and businesses coming (maybe), old buildings going down  and new buildings coming up.  But, these nice new things may just be the emperor's new clothes in the eyes of The Backpackers.  

     Mayor Steve is at the twenty.  The Backpackers are waiting at the ten.  No timeouts.  Will Mayor Steve get past The Backpackers?

Compassion or Enabling: Two Side's of Huntington's Problem 



     The compassion that has always made Huntington a wonderful city over the years may be what is causing some of the city's problems right now.  Huntington has always had a big heart and has always been there to help ease other's suffering.  The drug epidemic rolled through Huntington and the compassion that has always been there is actually being used against them.  The heart of Huntington is luring homeless people into Huntington and the results are begging the question "is it compassion or enabling?"

     Many homeless people are coming to Huntington on The Greyhound because the city is known as a compassionate city that will help those that are in need.  Huntington has many services to offer those who are struggling and many abandoned homes for shelter.

     There are many places that are trying to help the drug addicted and homeless.  The Huntington City Mission offers a variety of services including three meals a day.  Several churches offer at least one meal a week to anyone who comes through the doors. Harmony House is a beacon in the night for those struggling with homelessness and are hungry.  They work hard to help the homeless find housing. There are many new places such as Proact who offer drug users a hand fighting their addiction.  Several sober-living houses have opened up to help keep the recovering from relapsing.  The Cabell Huntington Health Department gives out free needles in the needle exchange to combat the spread of disease among drug users.

     But, as more and more people hear of Huntington's generosity, more and more people get off the Greyhound to live on the streets of Huntington.  Cabell County Commissioner Kelli Sobonya said in an interview with The Herald-Dispatch, "There's a transient population that has come here for the social services, the soup kitchens, the homeless shelters and the free needles, syringes and drug kits that are given out.  They basically can come here and live here for free, walk the streets with their backpacks and there's a lot of property crime."

     "Anthony" came from Detroit to sell drugs on the streets of Huntington He eventually got hooked on the drugs he was selling.  He soon got fired by the dealer he worked for and became homeless.  He and his girlfriend began to wait for people to move out of their apartments.  After they were gone, they moved in and squatted in Downtown Huntington until the landlord's discovered them and kicked them out.  They have used three different apartments in the last few weeks.  They leave before the police is called so it is hard to stop them.  They are still living on the streets of Downtown Huntington.

     Huntington has became a leader in recovery.  The compassion of the city is evident again as many treatment places have come to the aid to what was once called "The Heroin Capital".  Huntington's compassion has once again worked against them.  Many people have come from all over the state for treatment.  Either they drop out or finish detoxing and then are released either to the street or Huntington City Mission.  They are then homeless and many are still on drugs or relapse.  So the compassion of wanting to help people recover unfortunately has the end outcome of more homeless drug users on the streets of Huntington.

     The dumpsters of Downtown Huntington are regularly ransacked especially close to the Marshall University campus.  Drug users will search the dumpsters for discarded items ranging from clothing to television sets.  They will then attempt to sell them for drug money or trade to drug dealers for drugs.  But, Alexis Jean Belcher, a Huntington homeless person, says that it is not just the drug users that do this.  "Some people climb in dumpsters because they are hungry and want food.  Although they are being lazy because if they are hungry, they can go to the mission and get fed.  Some people are on a limited income and find items for their apartments that they wouldn't have money to buy.  Not everyone that is in dumpsters or that is homeless are drug addicts.  It's just a way of getting by in Huntington."

A recent Facebook post was shared around Huntington defending the city.  It stated, "

I grew up coming to Huntington for Marshall games when I was little with my aunt.  I knew a long time ago that Huntington is where I wanted to live. In 1998 I moved here. I have never left. In the 21 years since I moved here - 
- I have never seen a needle 
- I have never had a junkie ask me for money 
- I have never seen a crime 
- I have never seen a gun 
- I have walked from the old Wild Dog to 20th street and 11th Avenue countless times 
- I go to the parks 
- I have never heard a gun shot 
- I don’t stay at home and not go out 
- I walk the streets after dark 
- I, gasp, drive down Daulton Avenue after 2am 
- I have never bought drugs 
- I have never sold drugs 
- I have helped people in need and taken them, and kids home to every part of this city at all times of the day and nighT 
- still no problems 
- I got married here 
- I graduated college here 
- I have raised my kids here 
- I live and work here 
- I still love my city 

So yes, I get quite offended when I see the same people knocking on my city day and night and that is helping to keep good people out. 

Stop complaining about our town and live in it."


     While many are passionate about the city and are part of what makes Huntington great.  Many are naive.  They do not understand or see everything that is out there.  People, like myself attempt to raise awareness  because the first step of solving a problem is to raise awareness of it.  But, many people see the attempts of raising awareness as "Huntington bashing."

     The truth of the matter is that gunshots are reported everyday in our city.  We have had murders here.  I lived in an apartment building that had two people killed in two years.  My next door neighbor was shot to death by someone knocking on her door while I was away out of town.  People take pictures of needles everyday.  I removed one off of a Huntington business' parking lot just a few days ago.

     Huntington does have some serious issues.  But, Huntington's saving grace is we do have a lot of compassionate, caring people that do make this a good place to live.  Like every other town or city, we are fighting a drug epidemic.  What is the answer?  No one knows the exact answer.  There is no how to solve an epidemic manual.  I am sure we are doing it the right way though.  We are not ignoring it.  We are fighting it the only way we can, through trial and error....through trying then sand if they do not work we try something else.

     Huntington is definitely worth saving. I believe in Huntington.  I am going through the same things in my life... I try to help people I care about but cross the line between helping and enabling.  This is something we are going to have to do together.  We have come a long way but the problems are still there...people are still dying from drug overdoses, drugs are still being sold in our neighborhoods, cars and houses are still being broken into, and shots are still being fired.  Bashing may not help, but denial will not help either.  We happy to find the happy medium between bashing and denial and compassion and enabling.


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David "Alligator" Williams



Author David "Alligator" Williams is celebrating the release of his new fiction book "The Bando" by giving a lucky person in the Huntington area an opportunity to camp out overnight with the author at an abandoned house in Huntington, WV.  The drawing will start on his website on June 13, 2019 and the winner will be drawn on July 1, 2019.

Alligator wishes to raise awareness of serious local issues too many abandoned houses, addiction, homelessness, and spread of Recovery.  To show these are setious issues, the writer is offering 5 free books at a time to Huntington charities dealing addiction, homelessness, or feeding the hungry to sell and keep all proceeds.  If they sell for $5, they will keep all 5.  The books will be available July 1.  If they sell all 5, more will be available.  Any local charities interested should contact Alligator.

"The Bando" is an exciting fiction book set on Huntington, West Virginia that takes an objective look at the drug epidemic and recovery process from several different points of view.

David "Alligator" Williams is available for all media interviews. "The Bando" is available to read free at and . It is also for sale at Amazon for $6.99 plus shipping.  It will be available locally July 1, 2019.  

Company morale can boost or hinder productivity 

     Excessive employee absences and a high employee turnover rate are symptoms of a low company morale.  When morale is high, co-workers work together and the customer service provided by the team spurs company productivity and ultimately, company profits.  When morale bottoms out, the misery spills over and negatively affects the goods and services provided by the company.

     Wages and salary are not always the biggest factor in determining if workers are satisfied.  If an employee is being paid below the standard wage for his performance, then he or she may eventually leave for more money.  But higher wages will not always guarantee that workers will stay.

     Often, a company pays competitive wages or higher salaries and assumes that employees will stay at their job.  The company is then shocked when talent drifts away.  Valuable talent can be retained if businesses will monitor and attempt to boost company morale.


                                                                          THE POWER OF TEAMWORK

     Teamwork can obviously make a team more successful or a lack of teamwork can sink any team.  Morale strengthens teamwork and drives each member to increase their efforts.  A low morale leads to poor contributions from team members who will likely use their energy by gossipping, backstabbing, and other negative forces that negatively impact teamwork and productivity.

     When working toward my Master's Degree in Training and Development at Marshall University, I learned to use systems management to analyze the chain of productivity and to troubleshoot where productivity may be breaking down.  As I have also seen in my over twenty years of management experience, when departments do not work together....low morale is usually the culprit.


     Morale is the grease that lubricates the engine of productivity.  It allows productivity to flow from department to department and ensures the engine is running well.  When the productivity is not flowing well, it can often be traced back to negative attitudes that affect morale.  


     Poor morale causes employees to just focus on their own responsibilities.  Their tunnel vision causes them to not focus on overall company goals and focus solely on their owned defined responsibilities or quite simply...'what they have to do to get by.'  When company services call for different parts of the company engine to work together, the oil (morale) can hinder the flow of company productivity and cause the engine to sputter.

                                                          EXCESSIVE ABSENCES AND HIGH TURNOVER


     Repetitive absences and employees leaving the company cause a workforce to be understaffed.  This creates a vicious circle....poor morale leads to call-ins and to people quitting their jobs which again leads to lower company morale.  The chain never stops, it keeps re-enforcing negative attitudes.


     Training dollars add up fast when high turnover produces the necessity of constant hiring.  A good, experienced employee not only knows how to perform the required job duties but also has often built a relationship with his company's regular customers.  It would make sense that a company would invest to keep its' experienced employees.


     Often, the investment does not require money.  A good leader invests time and empathy.  He lets his followers know they are valued and cared about.  A company that is always working shorthanded can be helped by good leadership.  If a good leader such as a CEO or upper administrative member would don the company uniform and go in on a Sunday afternoon or another shift where there are excessive call-offs and help out the short crew, the results could be astounding.  The leader would become a legend.  First, they would be showing empathy and regard for employee safety, not to let them work shorthanded.  It would also show workers how much their absences effect things.  The employee may think, "Wow!  I didn't work and it hurt my company so bad my CEO had to work and I know he has much more important things to do than do my job."


     A supervisor once went into his business to see how things  were going.  When he was told the business were understaffed and the staff were not getting breaks, the salaried supervisor neglected to help.  If the supervisor had relieved just one employee, the company grapevine would have been ripe with buzz of how he cared and looked out for his employee.  Instead, the incident became negative fodder saying that he did not care.  So, what could have been an opportunity to increase morale, likely became an event that lowered it.




when morale gets low enough, people may leave on their own.  Most workers quit bosses, not jobs.  Many workers may get frustrated and blame the boss.  It may be because they feel the boss picks on them or it may be that there just is not any leadership skills in the boss. While it is always great for morale to promote from within, the managers need to make sure the new manager is a good fit for company morale.  Sometimes, a person 'who does not play well with other children' is promoted.  While this person may have been good in another position, they may not have the skills for a position with a different skill set.

     Dr. Lawrence Peter came up with a management philosophy in the 1970's called The Peter Principle.  The Peter Principle  "is an observation that the tendency in most organizational hierarchies, such as that of a corporation, is for every employee to rise in the hierarchy through promotion until they reach a level of respective incompetence."  What the theory stated was that the skills that made Joe a good car washer were different than those required to make Joe a good car washer manager.  In order to be a good manager, Joe has to be able to communicate well.  Joe would have to be able to prioritize well.  Joe would need to be a team player who works well with others.  If Joe is seen as a "rat" or a person who tries to get others in trouble but is promoted because he makes the cars the long run, it is likely Joe will bring down company morale and cause people to leave.  If the atmosphere has always been one that the managers worked well as team players and Joe comes in and tries to micromanage, the chances are morale will be effected and so will productivity.

     My father, Melvin Williams, was a General Plant Manager for CSX in Huntington and managed a shop with over 600 employees.  Dad always referred to the products being managed as widgets.  It does not matter if it is apples or services such as dog sitting.  What matters is how you manage people.  He said 'if you can not manage and get along with people, then it does not matter how much you know about your product, making your product, or providing that service, you are going to fail."

      Some people have a natural aversion to change.  As we all know, change is often necessary.  Sometimes, when a new manager is brought in from outside of the organization, they will change things because they have had success in the past and they naturally want to use what worked for them in the past.  That is great and is why the person was brought in to start with but the person has to make sure that the change is not personal.  They first need to come in and accept their employees as people.  The employees have often been there a while and have done things a certain way, so it is human nature for these employees to be scared.  They may think they are going to be replaced.  I have seen managers not personally introduce themselves to their workers.  This often makes the worker think the manager does not care for them as people.  Incoming managers need to validate their new employees.  They need to let them know that the manager does care about them and is excited to work with them and is open to their input.


     Probably the biggest reason why morale sinks and employees quit is that there is not any growth or they do not feel any creative value.  Employees that are allowed some input or where there ideas are appreciated will be happier and will stay.  This is particularly true during a managerial change but is also true in any circumstances.  Employees do not always leave because of more money, they often leave because there is not any personal growth or they feel like there skills are not valued.

I know of a manager who came into a situation and even micromanaged when breaks were taken.  This was not done out of necessity but just a whim of the manager.  The employees did not like this because this was a person they had worked with and they thought the manager was trying to control them.  They had break times that they had taken for years and they thought this manager was "trying to show who is boss."  This may have not exactly been the case.  The manager felt like people in different departments were taking breaks at same time.  But the new manager lacked the communication and people skills to 'sell' this idea to the employees.  It effected the morale, that effected productivity, that effected the profits....that "lived in the house that Jack built" (an analogy).

It is good for meetings to discuss and implement new policies and areas that need improvement.  New managers and managers, in general, need to watch sending out too many negative group emails.  These group emails may contain important messages but the manager needs to realize that too many of these cast the manager in a negative light which leads to people quitting perceived bad bosses which usually starts with detrimental call-ins, low morale, which leads to lower productivity, which leads to lower profits,....that lived in the house that Jack built.  Now, these issues may need to be addressed but the manager may be better off addressing these issues individually with the people that are causing the issues.  A manager has to realize that if a person does not know them well and they are constantly sending them negative messages about things that they do not even do, then the manager is going to be as the one having a negative attitude and that will lower morale.




     In order to keep morale up, is necessary for there to be communication between administration and employees.  The employees need to realize and feel that their contributions are valued and the administration not only knows who they are  but cares about who they are.  Employees will stay longer idf they feel like their ideas and creative abilities are appreciated.  Positive emails should replace frequent negative emails.  When managers and administration visit the workplace, they should recognize the positive as well as the negative.  The old adage "catch someone doing something right' becomes valuable.  If a company does have a system where good effort is recognized by email or cards, they should make sure that it is fair.  They should make sure it is used and used properly.  If one group is constantly recognized but another department is never mentioned, then this system designed to have a positive effect on morale, may have the opposite intended negative effect.




     Constant costly call-ins and high turnover that cause staffing to be understaffed and possibly even unsafe can possibly be avoided if a company is aware of and effectively monitors company morale.  Often, it does not take a big event to positively or negatively impact morale, often the factors that impact morale are small things like the way employees are talked to or if they are even talked to at all.  Sometimes, if administration treats employees the way employees are expected to treat the customers they serve, the attitude will roll downhill.  A company needs to monitor group communication and try as much as possible to restrict negative or threatening messages to those who the message directly pertains to.  A company that pays attention to morale will see happier employees which lead to better attitudes which lead to better morale which leads to higher productivity which leads to higher profits...all in the house that Jack built.



Fear of ATMs 

I had never heard of going to the ATM machine and it taking the money out of the account but the person does not get the money. It has happened twice to me in the last month as Desco on 6th Avenue and it has also jappened to a co-worker of mine in the last month.

Eventually, the person gets the money back but it can be very inconvenient. For me, it happened on a weekend this last time which made it worse because the process does not start until it is posted on Tuesday. I filed a grievence. It will be resolved in 1 to 10 business days. My bank grants a temporary credit but my friend's bank didn't. And if you get the maxium amount out, then it freezes the account for the day.

I work long hours so I use the ATM regularly. I used it all of the time for years when I was on the road. Now, I am afraid about using the ATM tomorrow morning. What is the phobia for fear of ATMs?

Missing my Autistic clients during Autism Awareness Month 

I quit working at Autism Service Center about five years ago after about 5 years of part-time service mainly to work more overtime at my current job.

Working with Autistic individuals was a great experience.  They are creative, innocent, and look at things in a great way. Almost everyday after five years....I find myself saying things that H would say, hear a song and say that was one of J's favorites, or go by a place and say S and I came here.

It was way more than a job...even more than a friendship.  It was someone light up when you walk through the door.  It was seeing someone learn something that they struggled with until we were both ready to give up.  It was seeing the world around me in a different way through someone else's eyes.

If you hear me saying NO this or NO that after you suggested someting, I got that from J.  He was a BIG music fan.  He loves Alan Jackson and Tim McGraw.  I gave him an Alligator Jackson cd and without even hearing it, he said NO Alligator Jackson.

H had a special relationship with his staff.  He worked with Shane for years and loved.  H had a very special relationship with Tyler Gillespie.  Tyler died tragically in a motorcycle wreck a couple of years ago.  I imagine H still calls out for him and that thought brings tears to my eyes.

N was nine years-old when I began working with him.  It was hard to stop working with him as I had to stop seeing him because his attachment to people borderlined obsession. He taught me more than I taught him.

April always means a little more to me because it is Autism Awareness Month.  God bless those who work at Autism Services for they are serving a special group of people.  Happy World Autism Awareness Day!  

We represent our companies 

Last night a patient who is at the mental health hospital I work at told me he realized he had a problem and needed help. He came to us voluntarily. Last time he was there on mental hygiene. He came to us by choice because he said of me and a few of my coworkers mainly Cindy and Annie were kind, good people and he knew we would help. This is the kind of compliment that helps me throw on the blue shirt and khaki's everyday and walk 16 hours of rounds everyday. I could have a desk job somewhere or be riding in a car like my last job....but I feel like I am helping and it helps me. The interaction is something I need as well. 

My main point, that I represent my company. In most jobs we do....we are our company. Our actions are what defines our company in the customers' minds. What they think of us is what is spread to the people they know and becomes the public's perception of our company. 

When I worked for Goldsmit Sydnor....I was Goldsmit Sydnor to my customers. Outside of the delivery guy, I was the only connection to the company. If they were happy with me then my company was great in their eyes. If they were dissatisfied with me then........... 

We owe it to our company and coworkers to make sure our actions are consistent with the company's goals and ethics. In the field of health care and social work, we are not there to punish or equalize things out. We are there to help those who need us. By lifting those up who have fallen or have been knocked down we are not only securing a good reputation for our team and ourselves but we are putting back the puzzle one piece at a time......and that puzzle is Huntington. 

If that person is better and feels better about themselves....then they pass the goodwill on. No matter if you are a sales rep, policeman, healthcare worker, or mechanic......please remember that in someone's eyes you are the company. Remember to follow your company's misson statement.... otherwise you are unfairly giving your company and team a bad rep. A job does not have to be just a paycheck....the opportunity to help my company makes me feel whole.

The Super Question: To Knee or Not To Knee 

Suddenly thanks to a stoned out rock singer...the biggest question about the Super Bowl is not will The Patriots continue the dynasty or if The Rams will bring the Lombardi Trophy to LA.  The biggest question isn't even if Amazon can take Budweiser or Pepsi as best commercial.....The big question has become will a marginally boring leader of an average pop band take a knee?


The biggest question I have is how did Maroon 5 get to perform the legendary halftime show that has been made famous by classic performances by Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and Prince.  Maroon 5....really?  Have we ran out of rock legends?

So as the NFL attempts to gain back the ratings lost over the whole Colin Kapernick debacle....Roger Waters of Pink Floyd wants to make the Super Bowl political.  Maybe Mr Waters is miffed because Pink Floyd won't be chanting We Don't Need No Education" or singing about being Comfortably Numb during the big spotlight show.


But Adam Levine suddenly has the power to upstage Tom Brady.  He can be the most controversial Super Bowl celeb since Janet Jackson and the slip.


A marginally famous pop singer can become a legend for just a moment.  He can become known for something than his forgettable pop songs.  


Will he or will he not knee?

Aquaman is finally getting respect 

Aquaman is surging through the ocean ready to attack the box office on December 21.  Already billed as the best superhero movie ever, Aquaman has ripped through China where it has already been released.  Gone is the feminine orange shirt that Super Friends bestowed on him in the 70's.  Aquaman now has ripping muscles.  He is no longer just the weak link of the Super Friends.  Aquaman is getting his respect, finally.  Aquaman is now a badass.


Super Friends made him look like a useless superhero.  Superman soared through the air.  Batman was the brains and a badass in black.  Even, Wonder Woman had a cool invisible airplane.  Aquaman rode a sea horse and talked to fish.  He was always in the background just lingering around.  Occasionally, he would have a school of tuna attack a bad guy who fell into the ocean.  


His blonde hair and feminine orange outfit sparked internet talk that he would eventually come out as gay.  The joke of being an useless superhero followed him onto Entourage.  Entourage, a hit HBO show, showcased an actor who was going to star in Aquaman.  The joke was that Aquaman would never really get a movie.


Family parodied poor Aquaman.  They made the point he was useless on land.


                                                    Sushi time with Aquaman


Aquaman is finally getting his revenge.  Here are the first reviews.


"Aquaman is a step toward restoring equilibrium, creating a sprawling undersea world that most closely resembles the Thor franchise in terms of scope, majesty and happily, humor."- Brian Lowry CNN

"Notwithstanding the inevitable formulaic dialogue and a superabundance of boilerplate superhero action sequences, "Aquaman" turns out to be, almost despite itself, an engaging undersea extravaganza." - Kenneth Turan LA Times

"Aquaman's as formulaic, excessively thrashy, and mommy-obsessed as any other entry in the DCEU, but its visual imagination is genuinely exciting and transportive, and dare I say, fun." - Emily Yoshide New York Magazine

"Aquaman, it's worth repeating, is gorgeous, the set-pieces across the various kingdoms of the underwater realm examples of artists allowed to not just hew close to the messed-up source but indulge in their own inspirations as well." - Walter Chaw Film Freak Central

"Jason Momoa shines in a lighter-hearted role, and filmmaker James Wan fully embraces the plot's increasingly ridiculous gyrations."- Rich Cline Shadows On The Wall


Aquaman trailer

Aquaman watched patiently all of these years as Super Mana nd Batman were the warriors of DC Comics.  Now, armed with razor-teeth sharks, Aquaman is ready to claim his respect.  Aquaman is ready to show the other guys how to score big at the box office.  Aquaman is ready to claim the title as the Best Super Hero Movie.  


For more on Aquaman's early success in China, click here

Read the review "Aquaman is one of DC's Best Superhero Movies"

Aquaman bursts pre-sales record