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Alligator Jackson was a guest on The FUMP podcast. Check it out here

Fump is a feeding ground for the Dr Demento Show. Big Headed Dog was featured and Gator discussed it with Devo Spice. It was a good time

Gator Reflections 

Check out the new section Gator Reflections.  This section features blogs from Alligator Jackson's Inside Huntington Facebook Page with over 34,000 followers.  

The Demented Swamp: The Craziest of Alligator Jackson released in December  

The Demented Swamp: The Craziest of Alligator Jackson has been released on 9 Lives Records. The cd contains novelty rock songs with Alligator on vocals and Nigel Cuff on guitar. 

1. Bipolar Disco

2. Beef Jerky

3. Mr. Mothman 

4. Little Debbie Song

5. I Got Drunk With Batman

6. Muffuletta and a Bowl of Gumbo

7. Pet Alligator 

8. Halfway to Huntington 

9. Beer Truck/ Big Headed Dog

10 When Bigfoot and Mothman Drank Off

11  Meth Gators

12  STFU

13  Shania Twain

14  Let’s Get High

15  When I Get To Heaven


The CDs and vinyls are out! 

The import CDs and vinyls of Southern Barbeque: The Best of Alligator Jackson and Mo Peaches, a compilation of southern rocks including an Alligator Jackson cut, have arrived from Germany. The JukeJoint500 Records releases are available worldwide!

The Pig died 4 years ago 

Brady "The Pig" Robinson passed away of a heart attack on June 10, 2017.  He and David Williams had an internet radio show and many projects.  Just days before his death, they had formed Gator Pig Productions.

the Pig was lead singer for Sheered Lepus.  Here he is covering Iron Maiden

Gator and Pig interviewing Moke Levine of Triumph


David "Alligator" Williams has posted 10 free downloads of comedy rock recordings in the SoloGator section of this website.

The songs were recorded during the pandemic in 20 and 21.  David wrote the songs and is sunging.  Nigel Cuff produced and plays guitar.

David said, "It was fun.  All good times.  Gotta laugh and gotta rock.  It is Dr. Demento meets Spinal Tap."