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Read AJ's Saturday Night In Cincinnati for free! 


Read Gator's short story of a young man on the road drunk and separated from his friends in Over The Rhine in 1976 Cincinnati.  Meet interesting characters as the lead character tries to find his way back home.  Creative with a touch of humor.  From his book of two short stories "Characters".

Gator T-Shirts 

Alligator Jackson T-shirts are now available at Live Loud Custom Shirt Company on Route 60 in Huntington, WV or go to Gator Shop.  We will have the shirt made to your size and color preference and in the mail within a few days.

The Beast of Alligator Jackson 

Available on 9 Lives Records .....anywhere online music is distributed ITunes, Amazon, ect.  Streamed on Spotify,Amazon Music, I Heart Radio, and others


1 Swamp Justice 
2.  Liquid Courage 
3   Pull No Punches 
4 All Hell's Breaking Loose 
5. Repo Man 
6. Southern Barbeque 
7. Blood on the Wall 
8. Hanging Judge 
9.  Mr Bouncer 
10 Spirit of The Wild 
11Beer Truck 
12 In a Letter 
13 River to Cross 
14 Old  Cheap Wine (Tribute to James Michael Murphy) written by Murphy 
15 FDP (Tribute to Brady Robinson) 
16 RIP (Rock in Peace) 
17 City On The Edge 
18 Recovery Man 
19.  WV Girl (Put The Needle Away) 
20. A Song For Scott Weiiland

"Tales From The Huntington Drug Epidemic" is now for sale! 

Alligator Jackson has released a compilation that contains "The Boiling Point", "Money Town", "Money Town 2", and several non-fiction blogs about the drug epidemic in Huntington.  It is available now from Createspace and will be on Amazon.  Buy Tales From The Huntington Drug Epidemic here from Createspace

Buy from Amazon

This is a nice collection  for just $7.99!  Together they show the complete picture of the epidemic.